PAX East!

AntiCrunch Studios is proud to announce that we'll be showing Bomb Sworders at PAX East this coming April 5th through the 8th. If you're going to PAX East come hit some bombs with us over at the PAX Rising area of the show floor! — AntiCrunch Studios (@AntiCrunch) March 3, 2018

BombSworders Updates (1-25-18)

A lot of changes since the last update — especially focused on making beginner-play easier but also continuing to expand the experience for more advanced players. instant victory replay simplified beginner mechanics items are now: bomb, dynamite, cannon, and freezer throw your sword teams sword hits have recoil refined wall climbing item generator is skill-level… Continue reading BombSworders Updates (1-25-18)

BombSworders Updates (6-28-17)

Working Working.. target practice mode chase battle mode more levels finessed some edge cases to improve predictability simplified tutorial your exploders will sync immediately to a new overlapped exploder — pushing the chances slightly more in favor of aggressive players as the round progresses. added shockwave distortion when a bomb first explodes your controller remembers… Continue reading BombSworders Updates (6-28-17)