Grab a sword and start hitting some bombs around in this fast-paced local-multiplayer platformer for 1 to 4 players. Turn friends into enemies! Turn enemies into rubble!

Our goal with BombSworders was to find a simple set of mechanics that could generate lots of depth. It’s been fun watching people play — both beginners, who experience the game as almost a series of movement puzzles, and advanced players, who focus on strategy while gracefully navigating the levels with parkour-like rhythms.

BombSworders Press Kit

Bomb Sworders Updates (5-23-18)

Figured that it’s about time for another update post. In short: These past few months we’ve been going around showing Bomb Sworders a fair bit. It’s been fun and we’ve used the opportunity to refine the game.

Anyway, read on for a timeline of sorts.
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Absolutely Bonkers

We were at Anime Central in Chicago this past weekend. It was a blast and we’ll be writing more about it and other things soon but, in the meantime.. I was just looking through the gameplay footage we recorded and came across the most improbable Bomb Sworders play I’ve ever seen.

First the very confusing real-time version of the clip:

And then the slo-mo version (which will still take at least several watch-throughs):


Back from PAXEast

After a few crazy days in Boston, we’re back in Milwaukee. PAXEast was a ton of fun and we owe a lot of that to the great people we met — so thanks!

One of the most exciting things for us was how many people returned for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 10+ sessions of BombSworders. From a personal perspective, the return of familiar faces was a wonderful strand of continuity through the event. And from a developer perspective, it was extremely useful to see how people’s skills and strategies progressed over time. Several players also shared some good/interesting ideas — we’re looking forward to incorporating/testing them in the coming weeks as well as looking into additional platforms that were requested.

bits of media

On the last day of PAXEast I recorded a few matches and have since cut them into favorite clips:

I’m also fond of this example of the yellow player’s environmental awareness:

And lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention something kinda special that happened in the closing minutes of PAXEast 2018 — for the very first time.. I lost a first-to-three challenge match against a nonDev. Below is the full video (complete except for the missing first few seconds). I’m the red player and the nonDev is the purple player. It’s not a perfectly played match on either of our parts but, at least for me, it was one of the most fun matches I’ve had the opportunity to play. (and even in cases where mistake follows mistake, sometimes a beautiful recovery is right around the corner — like at 1:42)

It’s exciting to think that if the game does decent on release, then very quickly there will be people out there playing at a skill-level we tried to design for but were never able to play at ourselves.


Also, BIG thanks to Madison’s IndieArcade back in February and the March playtest at 42AleHouse — both were fun in their own right and were also great learning tools for us.

Coming up next is the MidwestGamingClassic in Milwaukee (yikes — starting later today!)
Hope to see you there!


BombSworders Updates (1-25-18)

A lot of changes since the last update — especially focused on making beginner-play easier but also continuing to expand the experience for more advanced players.

  • instant victory replay
  • simplified beginner mechanics
  • items are now: bomb, dynamite, cannon, and freezer
  • throw your sword
  • teams
  • sword hits have recoil
  • refined wall climbing
  • item generator is skill-level aware: makes sure that beginning players will always have something reachable while still incentivizing skillful play
  • easier advanced-jumps, plus even-easier weak advanced-jumps
  • touching lava now causes 50% less immediate death: puts characters in a temporary stunned-state
  • optional crunch feature: raises the drama and sets an upper limit to round duration
  • background graphics for a few levels
  • new music and a few scattered sound effects
  • improved tutorial: now with infinity-percent® more video content and also practice levels that everyone can play at once
  • vague promise of coming-soon “race mode”

BombSworders Updates (6-28-17)

Working Working..

  • target practice mode
  • chase battle mode
  • more levels
  • finessed some edge cases to improve predictability
  • simplified tutorial
  • your exploders will sync immediately to a new overlapped exploder — pushing the chances slightly more in favor of aggressive players as the round progresses.
  • added shockwave distortion when a bomb first explodes
  • your controller remembers your character settings