BombSworders Updates (1-25-18)

A lot of changes since the last update — especially focused on making beginner-play easier but also continuing to expand the experience for more advanced players.

  • instant victory replay
  • simplified beginner mechanics
  • items are now: bomb, dynamite, cannon, and freezer
  • throw your sword
  • teams
  • sword hits have recoil
  • refined wall climbing
  • item generator is skill-level aware: makes sure that beginning players will always have something reachable while still incentivizing skillful play
  • easier advanced-jumps, plus even-easier weak advanced-jumps
  • touching lava now causes 50% less immediate death: puts characters in a temporary stunned-state
  • optional crunch feature: raises the drama and sets an upper limit to round duration
  • background graphics for a few levels
  • new music and a few scattered sound effects
  • improved tutorial: now with infinity-percent® more video content and also practice levels that everyone can play at once
  • vague promise of coming-soon “race mode”

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